The DNALC's multi-disciplinary staff has experience in elementary, secondary, and collegiate instruction; biochemistry and molecular biological research; computer programming; design, photography, fine arts, and interior design; science journalism; public relations and development; and opinion research.

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Jorge Pérez de Acha

Bioinformatics Researcher

I was born and raised in Mexico City. As a teenager, I was convinced I wanted to be an opera singer. After attending an arts high school in Boston for three years, I felt it was necessary for me to reconnect not only with my family, but with my native culture as well. Therefore, in July of 2011, I decided to return to Mexico. While I was getting my singing career started, I began working with my uncle, who was developing a tax consulting firm and needed help with small administrative tasks. On a propitious day, I was asked to do a presentation that required a great deal of interactivity and functionality. I realized that a mere Powerpoint was not going to satisfy the demands and as a result, I needed to program the additional functionalities myself. Since I had never written a single line of code, I went to the nearest bookstore and bought an introduction to programming book. This is how I came to write my first “Hello World” program and instantly fell in love. I decided to explore this field further and study Computer Engineering at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).

My interest for biology sparked just as fortuitously. One of my closest friends from school dared me to model the heart’s electrophysiology as a final project for one of our classes. The sheer complexity of the human heart was intimidating, and not being one to reject a challenge, I accepted his dare. I was fascinated by the heart’s independence and self-organization, its symmetry and balance, and (dare I say) perfection. I came to realize that the human body is in a way the perfect computer: millions of processes occurring simultaneously and without interruption, perfecting itself over millions of years. I enjoyed working on the project so much that it went on to become my thesis.

I am very excited to be working at the DNA Learning Center, and be able to immerse myself in such a prolific and diverse scientific community.

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