Corporate Advisory Board

Marion Conway

Marian Conway is the Executive Director of the Roslyn Savings Foundation. The Foundation has provided over 18 million dollars to the Long Island community since its establishment in 1997, supporting groups across the spectrum; health and hospitals, housing and community development groups, early child care and scholarships for colleges to provide education to students in need.

Marian is the President of Literacy Nassau's Board of Directors. Her participation with the organization was prompted by her father's dyslexia, finally diagnosed when he was close to 40 years old. She is a staunch advocate of universal literacy and life-long learning and remains an active alumnus at Empire State College, currently as President of the Alumni Federated Board of Governors. Marian is a member of the board of the Long Island Museum of American History, Art and Carriages in Stony Brook and the Islip Arts Council. She was honored March 29, 2007 by the Education and Assistance Corp. as an Unsung Hero. Marian is a participant in the National Geographic Genographic Project.

Having accomplished all the course work needed for a PhD. in Public Policy-Nonprofit Management, Marian has begun the preliminary research for her dissertation, all while working full time. She received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Empire State College, SUNY. Marian is a wife, mother of two grown daughters and long time resident of Lindenhurst. She has worked on Habitat for Humanity Women's Builds in Suffolk with her daughters; they all own their own tool belts and tool boxes.

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