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A collaboration of the New York City Department of Education and the Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Teacher Professional Development

Certificate Training
Leadership Training

Train during the school year or during the summer.

Questions? Call 516-367-5170 or email dnalc@cshl.edu.

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Teacher Professional Development

The Dolan DNA Learning Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) are proud to announce a professional development program to enable teachers to deliver hands-on, inquiry-based experiments in genetics and biotechnology. With funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this program will reach 820 New York City science faculty over five years. The program will train 8th through 12th grade teachers to implement lab activities to complement the NYC Scope and Sequence, Life Science, Living Environment, and AP Biology curricula.

Complete Certificate Training in four 6-hour sessions. Select either of two lab sequences, which provide differentiated instruction for middle school, high school and AP Biology teachers. (Living Environment teachers may select either sequence, depending on their classroom needs.)

Leadership Training (60 hours) during the summer will provide follow-up and recognition to elite teachers who can implement advanced genetics, biotechnology, or research electives or support the DOE's required 8th grade exit research projects. The workshop will sample molecular and genomic analysis in humans and in key model systems (E. coli, C. elegans, and plants).

Certificate Training
Five 6-hour sessions attended individually or in a 4-day block
Offered during the school year and during the summer
• For 8th to 12th grade teachers

Leadership Training
10-day workshop
Offered once during the summer
For AP Biology, science elective or science research teachers


Training is provided by expert DNA Learning Center staff, and is offered free-of-charge to participating teachers. Professional development credit or stipend will be provided upon completion.

Certificate Training will take place in the Harlem DNA Lab, at 120th Street and 1st Avenue. Leadership Training will be held at the Dolan DNA Learning Center at 334 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor. To get on the mailing list, please call (516) 367-5170 or email dnalc@cshl.edu.

• Due to policy changes in the DOE Office of After School Professional Development, the Winter/Spring 2011 certificate training will not be offered for P-Credits.
• Participants who would like to receive Professional Development Hours will receive a certificate of completion for proof of participation.

Supported by:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dana Foundation, Jerome L. Greene Foundation,
Goldman Sachs Foundation, and William Townsend Porter Foundation