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One session is offered for each Saturday scheduled monthly during the academic year. Some sessions are for ages 10-13, with a chaperone required, others are for ages 14 to adult, with a chaperone required for participants under age 15.

All sessions are two hours long: 10:00 am – noon. Chaperones register, pay, and fully participate in program activities.

Sessions are $22.00 per person, per session ($44.00 per session for a participating student and accompanying chaperone) plus the Eventbrite registration fee.

The sessions are held at the Dolan DNA Learning Center at 334 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724. (Directions to this location.)

Please note we use Eventbrite for registration and payment!

  • All seats, in every session, must be reserved using Eventbrite. We do not accept walk-ins.
  • Seats for each session are awarded on a first-come, first served basis.
  • The name and phone number of each ticket purchaser and/or chaperone and the name and age of each minor registrant must be included on your Eventbrite registration. We will not honor reservations that fail to provide this information. If you do not provide this information, your reservation will be cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded.
  • Chaperones must be 18 or older..
  • Once you are registered and payment is made, you will receive an email which will be your entry ticket.

Register through Eventbrite!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

WiSE Presents: Get to Know GMOs!

10:00 AM–noon
Ages 10–13, chaperone required

Hosted by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s (CSHL) Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

At CSHL, plant biologists study the development and genetic makeup of various crop plants such as corn, wheat, and sorghum. Alongside CSHL scientists, children will perform DNA isolations and test some common foods for presence of genetic modifications.

While the kids have fun in the lab, adult chaperones are invited to a keynote presentation by Doreen Ware, Ph.D. on the topic of GMOs and plant biology, along with a panel discussion featuring WiSE students and researchers of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Participants will:

  • learn about the purpose of genetic engineering in plants;
  • extract DNA from fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • use gel electrophoresis to analyze prepared food samples for markers of genetic modification.

Half of the proceeds from this event will support the CSHL WiSE mission to create educational opportunities for young women in STEM by organizing hands-on events connecting the WiSE network of scientists with the community.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

April Showers Bring May Flowers

10:00 AM–noon
Ages 10–13, chaperone required

The father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, worked with pea plants in the 1800’s to observe and understand the laws of inheritance. Join us to explore his findings, use microscopes to view key plant structures that Gregor Mendel manipulated in his experiments, and create nutrient rich wildflower seed bombs to take home and plant!

Participants will:

  • learn about different pollination methods;
  • use microscopes to make observations of plant cells, pollen and other structures;
  • create “seed bombs” to take home and promote wildflower growth for bees.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Dust Away Crime: The Truth About Fingerprints

10:00 AM–noon
Ages 10–13, chaperone required

For over a century, fingerprints have been used in criminal investigations. Because an individual’s fingerprints are unique, they can be used to link a suspect to a crime. Join us to learn about the many ways criminologists use fingerprints and try some modern techniques for fingerprint collection and analysis.

Participants will:

  • analyze your own unique fingerprints;
  • learn how to dust for prints;
  • attempt to match “suspect” prints to “evidence”.
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