Saturday DNA!

Welcome to the Winter 2018 Saturday DNA! programs!

Come to the science scene on Saturdays!
Join us for exciting, Saturday DNA! sessions!

Add some DNA to your day . . .

One session is offered for each Saturday in this newsletter. The January and February sessions are for students ages 10-13 with an accompanying chaperone. The March session is for all adults and students ages 10 and up with accompanying chaperone for participants under 15 years of age.

All sessions are two hours long: 10:00 am – noon. Chaperones fully participate in program activities.

Sessions are $22.00 per person, per session ($44.00 per session for a participating student and accompanying chaperone) plus the Eventbrite fee.

The sessions are held at the Dolan DNA Learning Center at 334 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724. (Directions to this location.)

Please note we use Eventbrite for registration and payment!

  • Seats for each session are awarded on a first-come, first served basis. We do not accept walk-ins.
  • All seats, in every session, must be reserved using Eventbrite.
  • The name and phone number of each ticket purchaser and/or chaperone and the name and age of each minor registrant must be included on your Eventbrite registration. We will not honor reservations that fail to provide this information. If you do not provide this information, your reservation will be cancelled and your registration fee will be refunded.
  • The appropriate age for each student chaperone is 18 or over.
  • Once you are registered and payment is made, you will receive an email which will be your entry ticket.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Who Dunnit?

10:00 AM–noon
Ages 10–13, chaperone required

Forensic scientists can use DNA evidence to identify people who were present at a crime scene. DNA Fingerprinting is one of the most powerful tools in the forensic toolbox, and has even been used to exonerate people who were wrongly imprisoned years ago! Come join us to produce a DNA Fingerprint that will be used to compare “suspects” to “evidence”, and learn more about how and why DNA can be so useful in crime scene investigation.

In this session, participants will:

  • compare different types of evidence that can be found at crime scenes;
  • use gel electrophoresis to analyze DNA samples;
  • determine which “suspect” matches the DNA “evidence”.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Agar Art

10:00 AM–noon
Adults and students ages 10 and up; under 15 years chaperone required

Traditional laboratory techniques utilized by scientists to study the world on both a macroscopic and microscopic scale can also be used to create unique works of art. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn multiple techniques to create unique imageries by “painting” with harmless microbes that express colorful proteins as pigment. Pictures of Agar Art created in this workshop are eligible to enter the American Society of Microbiology’s Agar Art 2018 contest!

Agar Art 2018

In this session, participants will:

  • create Agar Art using genetically engineered bacteria;
  • gain an appreciation for the components of “BioArt” from both scientific and artistic perspectives.
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