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Student exercise on Jukes family

Student exercise on Jukes family
Student exercise on Jukes family
101. 5. Jukes Family. Analytical Study of Special Dualities. Using Case I (i.e. Recessive X Recessive) only, because of its great significance. Hypothesis 1 + 2 differ only in respect to the location of the line of demarcation between the presence of a quality + its absence. The same is true of hypotheses 3 + 4. Hypothesis 1 + 4 each cut off the extreme conditions in reference to the presence + absence of a quality - which condition is mated to itself in Case I. If hypothesis 1 fits better than hypothesis 4, hypothesis 2 must fit better than hypothesis 3 and vice versa. The best fitting hypothesis is the better fitting of the better fitting pair. Index of Conformity in Case I. [table]
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