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Eugenics Research Association 16th Annual Meeting (2)

Eugenics Research Association 16th Annual Meeting (2)
Program for the joint annual meeting with the American Eugenics Society, held June 2, 1928 at the American Museum of Natural History.
254. Reports. I. Joint Committee I. Joint Editorial Committee for the Eugenical News: Charles B. Davenport, Chairman; Roswell Johnson, Harry H. Laughlin Quarterly Supplement: Bibliographic Eugenics. Editor: Mabel L. Earle Assistant Editor: Anna M. Wallace Irma M. Bunce, Managing Editor II. Committees of the Eugenics Research Association 1. Committee on Immigration: Frank L. Babbett, Chairman; Charles B. Davenport, A.J. Rosanhoff, Harry H. Laughlin, Secretary. 2. Committee on Eugenics and War: Irving Fisher, Chairman; David Starr Jordan, Harry Olson, Harrison Hunt, Secretary. 3. Committee on the Genetic Basis of Human Behavior: Stewart Paton, Chairman; Charles B. Davenport, D.W. LaRue, Robert M. Yerkes. 4. Committee on Bibliography of Eugenics: Samuel J. Holmes, Chairman. 5. Committee on Hereditary Element in Cancer: Frederick L. Hoffman, Chairman. 6. Committee on Physiological and Mental Effects of Sexual Sterilization: Robert L. Dickinson, Chairman. 7. Committee on Eugenics and Medicine: Charles B. Davenport, Chairman. III. Committees of the American Eugenics Society 1. Committee on Selective Immigration: Madison Grant, Chairman; Charles W. Gould, Lucien Howe, R.H. Johnson, Frank H. Kinnicutt, Harry H. Laughlin, John B. Trevor, Robert De C. Ward. 2. Committee on Crime Prevention: Harry Olson, Chairman; Charles W. Burr, Morgan Collins, Herbert Harley, William J. Hickson, A.L. Jacoby, Harry H. Laughlin, Gilbert H. Pond. 3. Committee on Eugenic Legislation: Roswell Johnson, Chairman; Herbert Harley, Harry H. Laughlin, Henry W. Toll. 4. Committee on Popular Education: ....................., Chairman; Josephine Arnquist, S.J. Crumbine, William M. Goldsmith, Caroline Hedger, William Dayton Merrell, O.M. Plummer, Florence Brown Sherbin, Edwin E. Slosson, Paul Voelker, A.E. Wiggam. 5. Committee on Formal or Scholastic Education: C.C. Little, Chairman; C.H. Danforth, H.D. Fish, Harrison Hunt, Ann Haven Morgan, R.L. Thorndike, P.W. Whiting. 6. Committee on Co-operation with Social Workers: Cheney C. Jones, Chairman; C.C. Carstens, Karl Hesley, Joseph Lee, Porter Lee, Frank W. Lorimer, Henry P. Fairchild. 7. Committee on Co-operation with Clergymen: H.S. Huntington, Chairman; George Reid Andrews, S. Parkes Cadman, J.M. Cooper, William C. Covert, Robert N. Donaldson, J.W. Elliott, E.E. Fischer, Elmer S. Forbes, Harry Emerson Fosdick, C.K. Fretz, Charles W. Gilkey, Rolvix Harlan, Rufus M. Jones, Alva M. Kerr, Charles N. Lathrop, Louis Mann, Harold Marshall, Francis J. McConnell, John M. Moore, Charles Morrison, Frank W. Padelford, Edward L. Parsons, A. Ray Petty, Daniel A. Poling, David de Sola Pool, Merton S. Rice, John A. Ryan, Frederick Shannon, Guy Emery Shipler, Ralph Sockman, George Stewart, Alva W. Taylor, Worth M. Tippy, James L. Vance.
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