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Description of the American Breeders Association (ABA) (2)

Description of the American Breeders Association (ABA) (2)
Description of the American Breeders Association (ABA) (2)
412. 5. been associated well known students of heredity and humanists, among others, Alexander Graham Bell, Washington, D. C.; Luther Burbank, Santa Rosa, Cal., W. E. Castle, Harvard University; C. R. Henderson, University of Chicago; Adolf Meyer, Johns Hopkins University; J. Arthur Thomson, University of Aberdeen; H. J. Webber, Cornell University; Frederick A. Woods, Harvard Medical School. The work of the Section. The work of the section is two fold, that of the Eugenics Record Office and that of the Committees. The Eugenics Record Office is located at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island and is under the general direction of the Secretary of the Section, with H. H. Laughlin Superintendent. The Record Office seeks to accumulate and study the records of physical and mental characteristics of human families and educate the public as to classes of fit and unfit marriages. Its work is done by means of (a) correspondence, (b), the acquisition of family records on special blanks, and (c ) the inquiries of field workers working either in conjunction with institutions or independently. The Subcommittees serve as centers for special inquiries or for education. They are of two sorts (a) special committees and (b) local committees. Technical committees are composed of professional men trained for special inquiries. Those already organized, with their personnel, are as follows:- Committee on Heredity of the Feeble-Minded: - A. C. Rogers, Chairman; H. H. Goddard, Vineland, N. J.; Secretary: J. C. Carson, H. H. Donaldson, Walter E. Fernald, J. M. Murdock. Committee on Heredity of Insanity:- Adolf Meyer, Chairman; E. E. Southard, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass., Secretary: August Hoch, F. A. Woods. Committee on Heredity of Epilepsy.:- W. N. Bullard, Everett Flood, Palmer, Mass., Secretary, J. F. Munson, E. E. Southard. Committee on Heredity of Criminality:- C. R. Henderson, Chairman; W. G. Schlapp, Cornell Medical School, New York City, Secretary: W. M. Carmalt, William Healy.
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