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Baltimore anthropometric study, body builds (1)

Baltimore anthropometric study, body builds (1)
Baltimore anthropometric study, body builds (1)
861. [handwritten]Dr. G.L. Timanus Mrs. D. Burdick Baltimore, MD April 6, 1922[end handwritten] Copy. INDEX OF STOCKINESS The index is derived as follows: The body is arbitrarily made to lose its real form so as to fit a cylinder equal in height to that of the subject and of a diameter sufficient to contain the volume of the body. The index is taken as the ratio of the diameter of the cylinder to its height. In the computation of this index it is assumed that the specific growth of the body remains constant. Since the specific gravity of the human body is about the same as that of water, the specific gravity of water (.0361 pounds per cubic inch) has been used. The following formula was derived: V = Volume in Cu. In. W = Weight in pounds H = Height in inches D = Diameter of cylinder in inches S = D/H = Index of Stockiness = W [MATH EQUATIONS] [square root symbol over] .0361[pi symbol]H S = [underscore] H V = W[underscore].0861 Area of Cylinder Base = V[underscore over]H = W[underscore over].0361 H Area of Base = [pi symbol] D[superior]2[end superior][underscore over]4 = W[underscore over].0361 H D = [square root symbol over]4W[underscore over].0361[pi symbol]H S = D[underscore over]H = [square root symbol over]4W[underscore over].0361[pi symbol]H[underscore over]H
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