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"Mendelian inheritance of eye color in man"

"Mendelian inheritance of eye color in man"
"Mendelian inheritance of eye color in man"
986. NOTE: In this image, the copy contained square brackets, which I have been using for text anomalies. In this image I will substitute wavy brackets ({ }) instead, retaining the square brackets in the original for content purposes. Mendelian Inheritance of Eye Color in Man BL= Blue the structural color, the absence of the iris pigment. BR= Brown [or the other color except structural blue or albino red], the presence of the iris pigment. Thus with reference to eye color, presence and absence of iris pigment make the mutually exclusive members of an allelomorphic pair. Possible matings showing eye color and purity of parents [P{inferior}1 {end inferior}], and of offspring [F{inferior}1{end inferior}], i.e. - gametic purity of P{inferior}1{end inferior} and F{inferior}1{end inferior}. 1. [BR + BR] [BR + BR] = 100% BR BR. 2. [BR + BR] [BR + BL] = 50% BR BR + 50% BR {strikeout}BL{end strikeout}. 3. [BR + BR] [BR + BL] = 100% BR {strikeout}BL{end strikeout}. 4. [BR +{strikeout}BL{end strikeout}] [BR + {strikeout}BL{end strikeout}] = 25% BR BR + 50% BR {strikeout}BL{end strikeout} + 25% BL BL. 5. [BR + {strikeout}BL{end strikeout}][ BL + BL] = 50% BR {strikeout}BL{end strikeout} + 50% BL BL. 6. [BL + BL] [BL + BL] = 100% BL BL.
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