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"Laboratory work of eugenics class," field worker notes

"Laboratory work of eugenics class," field worker notes
"Laboratory work of eugenics class," field worker notes
1097. Laboratory Work of Eugenics Class. 1. Registration cards - 3 x 5 2. Daisy study 3. Dice throwing - obs and exp. on "chance" 4. Mendelian Inheritance a. Poker chips b. India Ink c. Phenalphtalmia[?] d. Sweet pears 5. Color Top 6. Eye color 7. Black skin pigment in Man - Model a. All possible crossing of Black & White - 15 cases 8. Mechanism of Heredity a. Drosophila - plasticine work on chromosomes b. Weissmans diagram c. Darwins theory d. Model 9. System of Breeding - pure sire method - model 10. 5 x 8 cards. 11. Individual analysis cards 12. Record of Family Traits
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