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"Laboratory work of eugenics class," field worker notes (2)

"Laboratory work of eugenics class," field worker notes (2)
"Laboratory work of eugenics class," field worker notes (2)
1099. 17. Anthropology a. Physical measurements of skull, etc. b. Restoration of skulls. 18. Mate selection schedule 19. Tests a. Binet Simon b. A. Meyers class, of Psy, bio, reactions used in B-S- c. Yerkes Bridges Point Scale d. Knox e. Thorndyke natural mechanical skill f. Terman's[?] Average and Superior adult g. Rosanhoff's Association h. "Sympathy" i. Character - Judgment 20. Sex-limited inheritance a. Tortoise shell cut b. Color-blindness c. Haemophilia d. Dorset sheep 21. Range Study - 1000 rec. of family traits 1. Classify families according to range of the selected trait in the grandparents.
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