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"Researches on immigration," by H. Laughlin

"Researches on immigration," by H. Laughlin
"Researches on immigration," by H. Laughlin
Image 1224 RESEARCHES ON IMMIGRATION By Harry H. Laughlin [dashed, centered line] A. Hearings Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives. 1. Biological Aspects of Immigration - April 1920. 2. Analysis of America's Melting Pot - Nov. 1922. 3. Classification Standards - Jan. 1922. 4. Europe as an Emigrant-Exporting Continent and the United States as an Immigrant Receiving Nation - Mar. 1924. 5. The Eugenical Aspects of Deportation - Feb. 1928. 6. American History in Terms of Human Migration - Mar. 1929. B. Researches Submitted as Reports of the Special Committee on Immigration and Naturalization of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York. 1. Immigration Control - April 1934. 2. Conquest by Immigration - May 1939. [end]
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