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"The New Decalogue of Science," by Albert Edward Wiggam (11)

"The New Decalogue of Science," by Albert Edward Wiggam (11)
"The New Decalogue of Science," by Albert Edward Wiggam (11)
1360. least the six dominant commandments of the new decalogue of science, which has emerged from the modern Sinai - the laboratory. [section symbol] 8 The first commandment biology gives to statesmanship is the duty of eugenics. Twenty-four hundred years after Plato gave the conception of eugenics its philosophical formulation; two thousand years after Jesus gave it its ethical sanctions; sixty years after Darwin discovered its organizing principle in natural law; fifty years after Galton place it clearly and finally among the analytical sciences; thirty years after Weissman made it the only secure hope of human improvement; twenty years after Mendel gave it its biological mechanics and experimental method, I still seem to hear you inquiring in vague, mystifying wonder, "What it eugenics?" Well, your Excellency, eugenics is a method ordained of God for securing better parents for our children, in order that they may be more richly endowed, mentally, morally, and physically, for the human struggle. Eugenics is simply evolution made conscious and intelligent. It is not a scheme or program at all. You cannot enact eugenics any more than you can enact the weather. Eugenics means a new religion, new objects of religious incidence, a new moral code, a new social and political Bible, a change in the very purpose of civilization and the fundamental mores of man. It means the improvement of man as an organic being. It means that the improvement of man's inborn capacities for happiness, health, sanity, and achievement must become the one living purpose of the state. This is eugenics, and nothing short of it is. It is simply the projection of the golden rule down the stream of protoplasm. The men of the future will be born from this stream, and its quality depends solely upon us. You and your fellow statesmen have never discovered but half of Christianity. You have applied it only to those now living. You have failed to apply it 11 [end]
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