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"Eugenical Sterilization in Germany," Eugenical News (vol. 18:5), commentary and full translation of the German sterilization statute of 1933 (4)

"Eugenical Sterilization in Germany," Eugenical News (vol. 18:5), commentary and full translation of the German sterilization statute of 1933 (4)
"Eugenical Sterilization in Germany," Eugenical News (vol. 18:5), commentary and full translation of the German sterilization statute of 1933 (4)
1905. Eugenical News 93 ger to the life or health of the person on whom and with whose consent the operation has been performed. Paragraph 15. (I) Persons involved in the procedure or in the performance of the surgical operation are pledged to secrecy. (2) Whoever acts against this ethical rule of silence shall be punished with imprisonment up to one year or fined. Prosecution can only follow a motion. Motion can also be made by the chairman. Paragraph 16. (I) The execution of this law is the duty of the governments of the countries. (2) The superior government authorities designate --- excepting rules given in Paragraph 6, item I, sentence 1 - and in Paragraph 10, item I, sentence I --- the place and district of the deciding court. They nominate the members and their representatives. Paragraph 17. The Reichminister for the Interior, with the consent of the Reichminister of Justice, issue the judicial and administrative orders required for the execution of this law. Paragraph 18. This law goes into effect the Ist of January, 1934. Berline, July 14, 1933. The Chancellor of the Reich, Adolf Hitler, The Reichminister of the Interior, Frick, The Reichminister of Justice, Dr. Guertner. ( c) The Outlook. Students of eugenics the world over will watch with keen interest the operation of this new statute from many points of view, for example: (I) the legal position of eugenical sterilization in national jurisprudence, (2) its application on the nation-wide rather than the local or state basis, (3) its biological efficiency as a practical means for race improvement, besides many other aspects. The Reports or the Consultative Eugenicsw Commission of Norway: 1933 The Norwegian Program for Race Hygiene was laid before the Medical Association, Oslo, in a lecture in 1908, and eugenic reform bills from this program were, in the following years, prepared at "Vinderen Biologiske Laboratorium," partly "by order of the Norwegian Government." This program was organized under three departments: First, Negative Race Hygiene which had for its purpose reducing the number of inferior race elements; Second, Positive Race Hygiene for increasing the number of valuable race elements and, Third, Prophylactic Race Hygiene for the protection of the unborn child. Under Negative Race Hygiene the segregation of criminals in working colonies and the sterilization of inferior race elements were the principal subjects. Under Positive Race Hygiene selective inner colonization, maternity insurance and the establishment of a clearing house for the diffusion of eugenical knowledge were the principal subjects. Under Prophylactic Race Hygiene race poisons and their control, prevention of racial and national diseases as a function of the state, a health declaration before marriage, the prevention of race crossing between superior and inferior races, the biological registration of the whole nation with records giving data of valuable transmissible qualities, and biological control of immigration were included. Selective inner colonization, courses in human biology in the school and universities, maternity insurance, establishment of a clearing house, control of race poisons and health declaration before marriage have already entered legislation in [end]
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