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"The German Racial Policy," by C.G. Campbell, Eugenical News (vol.21:2)

"The German Racial Policy," by C.G. Campbell, Eugenical News (vol.21:2)
"The German Racial Policy," by C.G. Campbell, Eugenical News (vol.21:2)
1906. Vol. XXI, No. 2 March-April, 1936 Eugenical News Current Record of Human Genetics and Race Hygiene [centered score] The German Racial Policy. Dr. C. G. Campbell, Honorary President, Eugenics Research Association. It is unfortunate that the anti-Nazi propaganda with which all countries have been flooded has gone far to obscure the correct understanding and the great importance of the German racial policy. The German nation has adopted a policy of biological improvement in its racial quality as its mahor national objective, to which all other objectives are regarded as subsidiary. This national policy seeks to attain the greater purity of racial stocks by selective endogamous mating and breeding, with a clear conception and conviction as to its beneficial effects upon its racial quality and its culture; the increased proportionate reproduction of the more competent eugenic stocks; and the proportionate decrease of the incompetent and undesirable dysgenic stocks. These objectives do not stop at perfunctory professions, but the most thorough and complete measures have been adopted to secure their maximum realization. This policy is not the creation of political opportunists designed to flatter national vanity or to engender racial antagonisms, but it is the integration of the well-considered conclusion of its anthropologists, its biologists, and its sociologists, the latter of whom, in contradistinction to many in other countries, take full cognizance of the biological basis of collective life. No earnest eugenicist can fail to give approbation to such a national policy. Indeed it goes to realize that hopes that eugenicist have entertained for many years, but have despaired of ever seeing adopted in the present generation. As one of the means of increasing the factual knowledge upon which this policy needs to be based, the Herculean task has been undertaken of recording the sixty odd pedigrees of the entire German nation, and over 600,000 of such pedigrees have already been so taken, verified, and filed by a most admirable system. These pedigrees not only take account of the propositus but of his parents, grandparents, and near kin, and they record sufficient data to indicate the racial, physical, and mental status of every individual. It is obvious that such a stocktaking of what is to be considered the nation's primary and most valuable asset is of itself of incomparable value. It will not only enable the nation to evaluate this asset from year to year and to note the progress of its measures for racial improvement, but it will be invaluable as a guide both in attaining racial purity and in breeding out undesirable traits. Moreover the analyses and correlations that can be made of this great mass of human data will inevitably lead to findings of the [end]
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