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Was she at increased risk?, Denise

Interviewee: Denise. Denise talks about learning about DNA, and deciding if she wanted to know if she was at increased risk for breast cancer. (DNAi Location: Applications > Genes and medicine > Gene testing > Denise > Was she at increased risk?)
I went into the room and we sat down and Dr. Weber started explaining, you know, DNA, how DNA works, and she did an absolutely fabulous job of explaining DNA to somebody that had never heard anything about DNA, to me. And it, it made it, it made it seem clear to me and something I could understand. And she told me that they had information for me that would tell me if I had this marker, and I remember her taking a pause and asking me, do you want your information. And I said yes I do want my information, but thinking in the back of my mind I really did not want this information. But I knew that I needed to just face it, you know, head-on.
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