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Forced sterilization, Paul Lombardo

Interviewee: Paul Lombardo. Emma and Carrie Buck were committed to the Virginia Colony because they were unmarried mothers and were considered morally delinquent. (DNAi Location: Chronicle > Trial of Carrie Buck > Players > Emma Buck > Coming to the Colony)
The Virginia Colony was founded around 1912, and expanded in 1916 to take in people who were considered feebleminded. In 1920, Emma Buck, a middle-aged woman from Charlottesville, was brought here because she was suspected of having been a prostitute. In 1924 her daughter, Carrie Buck, was brought here, because she'd had a child but she wasn't married. She was thought to be morally delinquent in the language of the time. And she came here specifically as the subject of a test case, a legal trial that would be held near here in Amherst county.
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