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Why he formed Myriad, Mark Skolnick

Interviewee: Mark Skolnick. Mark Skolnick talks about forming a company to discover genes and develop genetic tests. (DNAi Location: Applications > Genes and medicine > Gene hunting > Mark Skolnick > Forming Myriad)
So I came up with the idea of using a industrial answer to the question, so we created Myriad, myself and Peter Meldrum, specifically with the goal of isolating the breast cancer susceptibility gene, believing that we then as a company could serve a great social purpose of bringing a diagnostic test, an extremely high quality commercial level diagnostic test, and the education that's required to change doctors' practices, to the world if we were able to discover that gene. And we in fact were able to convince investors that we had a reasonable chance of finding that gene, or other genes if we lost that race, given the resources that I had developed here in Utah.
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