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ID 15275

Molecules thought to be unique to species, François Jacob

Interviewee: François Jacob. Molecules thought to be unique to species. (DNAi Location: Timeline>1960s > Jacob remembers...)
I wanted to say when I started the biology, that was in, in the Fifties, the idea was that the molecules from one organism were very different from the molecules of another organism. For instance cows had cow molecules and goat had goat molecule and snakes had snake molecule, and it was because they were made of cow molecules that a cow was a cow. And then it turned out a little bit later that certain molecule were very similar from one species to another, for instance hemoglobin, that the hemoglobin of a horse and a cow or a human turned out to be very similar. And, and progressively as it was possible to know more about the primary structure of the sequence of protein molecule, it turned out that more and more of molecule of various organism were very similar.
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