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Changing biology with the Human Genome Project, Ewan Birney

Interviewee: Ewan Birney. Ewan Birney, a key player in the computing and analysis of the genome, reflects on the implications of the Human Genome Project for biology. (DNAi Location: Genome > The Project > Putting it together > Interviews > A rich, massive story)
All of human biology somehow connects back to the genome, and so anything that you can talk about in terms of human biology you can find some line that gets you back to some region of the genome. So just scanning over it is sort of wonderful. I was trained as a biochemist and as a molecular biologist, and you just see, you know, thousands upon thousands of little stories about how your eyes work or how your bones get put together or how the liver works and what happens here with this particular disease where, when this gene has a defect then, then this disease happens. And it's just a rich, massive story in some sense.
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