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Announcing the discovery of the DNA structure, James Watson

Interviewee: James Watson. James Watson talks about announcing the discovery of the DNA structure. (DNAi Location: Timeline> Early 1950s > Watson remembers...)
I was invited I guess in sort of late April, there was to be the Cold Spring Harbor symposium, I wasn't on the program, but clearly people were going to be talking about the double helix, so they should hear it first-hand and I flew over on the 1st of June, I remember the plane was almost vacant because the next day was to be the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, so there couldn't have been ten people on the plane. And just as we neared New York the pilot came on and said Hillary had reached the top, top of Mount Everest, and of course I had to think, well, I'd also got to the top of Mount Everest.
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