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DNA base pairs

DNA base pairs
DNA base pairs
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15015. Francis Crick and James Watson in Cambridge.
1953 picture of Francis Crick (L) and James Watson (R) walking along the backs of King's College in Cambridge.
15543. James Watson and Francis Crick
James Watson and Francis Crick, Cambridge University, 1953
15676. DNA helix
Image depicting DNA helix model and table.
15492. Discovering the double helix structure of DNA, James Watson, video with 3D animation and narration
James Watson used cardboard cutouts representing the shapes of the DNA bases to figure out how bases pair.
15493. The double helical structure of DNA, 3D animation with no audio
Animation of 2D DNA model becoming three dimensional.
15316. Watson and Crick's Nature paper, Arthur Kornberg
Arthur Kornberg talks about Watson and Crick's Nature paper.
16434. Video 19: James Dewey Watson, clip 3
DNA as a double helix.
16435. Video 19: James Dewey Watson, clip 4
Linus Pauling's triple-helix model for DNA and the reaction to this incorrect model.
16022. James Watson and Francis Crick, 1953
The DNA molecule is shaped like a twisted ladder.
16436. Video 19: James Dewey Watson, clip 5
Figuring out the base pairing.
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