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Human Genome Project logo / human figure in DNA

Human Genome Project logo For more information about the Human Genome Program visit
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15575. Human figure within DNA tunnel
The finished sequence of the human genome was published in April, 2003.
15326. Analysis in public and private Human Genome Projects, Eric Lander
Eric Lander talks about analysis in public and private Human Genome Projects.
15571. Celera Genomics
Celera Genomics, the corporation that sequenced the human genome privately.
15340. The Human Genome Project was more than just sequencing, Ari Patrinos
Ari Patrinos, director of the US Department of Energy's sequencing effort, talks about the public genome project's aims that extended beyond those of the private project.
15574. Newspapers (media)
The media covered the progress and the difficulties of the Human Genome Project.
15577. Paper stack (Human Genome)
As represented by this huge stack of paper, the human genome contains more than three billion nucleotides or DNA "letters."
15554. Ewan Birney
Dr. Ewan Birney is a bioinformatician and worked on the Human Genome Project.
15344. The idea for the Human Genome Project, Ari Patrinos
Ari Patrinos talks about the idea for the Human Genome Project.
15291. Finding genes in the human genome, Ewan Birney
For the first draft of the genome sequence, both teams were working to identify the number of human genes. Here, Ewan Birney, a "numbers man" from the public genome project, explains how genes can be recognized and the data from the genome project used.
15477. The public Human Genome Project: mapping the genome, sequencing, and reassembly. 3D animation.
The public Human Genome Project: mapping the genome, sequencing, and reassembly.
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