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Celera Genomics

Celera Genomics, the corporation that sequenced the human genome privately.
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15568. Craig Venter and Francis Collins
The leaders of the private and public genome projects, Craig Venter and Francis Collins.
16824. Video 39: J. Craig Venter, clip 2
Origins of the EST project.
16814. Gallery 39: Craig Venter
Craig Venter, cofounder of Celera Genomics Corporation.
15367. Using data from the public project, Craig Venter
Craig Venter, leader of the private effort at Celera Genomics, speaks about his company's reliance on the public data for reassembly of the Celera sequence.
16823. Video 39: J. Craig Venter, clip 1
Venter's experiences as a medic in the Vietnam War.
16829. Video 39: J. Craig Venter, clip 7
Venter's views on patenting.
15363. Working on the public Human Genome Project, Craig Venter
Craig Venter speaks about the public sector's reaction to his plans to sequence the genome at a private company, Celera Genomics.
16825. Video 39: J. Craig Venter, clip 3
What are ESTs used for?
16826. Video 39: J. Craig Venter, clip 4
Shotgun sequencing.
15365. Whole genome shotgun, Craig Venter
Craig Venter, the leader of the private genome effort, talks about the "whole genome shotgun" technique that was used by Celera Genomics to sequence the human genome.
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