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The media covered the progress and the difficulties of the Human Genome Project.
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16126. Response of the media, John Sulston
John Sulston talks about response of the media.
15078. Media attention to Human Genome Project, Francis Collins
Francis Collins, the director of the public project, talks about the media attention, and what it missed during the "race" coverage.
15341. The human genome sequencing
Ari Patrinos, director of the U.S. Department of Energy's sequencing effort and friend to the leaders of both projects, speaks about the media surrounding the Human Genome Project.
15317. The Human Genome Project race didn't matter, Eric Lander
Eric Lander, director of the Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research, talks about where he thinks media attention should have been focused.
15571. Celera Genomics
Celera Genomics, the corporation that sequenced the human genome privately.
1248. Bad Science
Professor David Porteous comments on the fact that aspects of media can be inappropriate and damaging in reporting on genetics research.
15570. Human Genome Project logo / human figure in DNA
Human Genome Project logo.
15554. Ewan Birney
Dr. Ewan Birney is a bioinformatician and worked on the Human Genome Project.
15344. The idea for the Human Genome Project, Ari Patrinos
Ari Patrinos talks about the idea for the Human Genome Project.
15568. Craig Venter and Francis Collins
The leaders of the private and public genome projects, Craig Venter and Francis Collins.
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