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Chromosomes and DNA

Chromosomes, DNA
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15558. Chromosome coiling
An image (from 3D animation) of DNA coiling into a chromosome
16034. Roger Kornberg, 1974
A chromosome is a package for DNA.
15246. Winning the race to find BRCA1, Mark Skolnick
Mark Skolnick discusses how luck was a major element that helped his team win the race to find and clone BRCA1.
15520. DNA is organized into 46 chromosomes including sex chromosomes, 3D animation
DNA is organized into 46 chromosomes including sex chromosomes, 3D animation
15893. Zooming in on the x chromosome.
Each chromosome consists of one continuous thread-like molecule of DNA coiled tightly around proteins, and contains a portion of the 6,400,000,000 basepairs (DNA building blocks) that make up your DNA.
16626. Concept 29: DNA is packaged in a chromosome.
Each chromosome is a package for one very long, continuous strand of DNA.
16660. Gallery 31: mys inserted in chromosomes
Repetitive DNA can have preferred insertion sites. In this example, yellow represents the distribution of mys (a type of LINE) over a mouse genome where chromosomes are orange. There are more mys inserted in the sex (X) chromosomes.
16638. Gallery 29: Chromosome with histone stripped
Electron micrograph of the DNA and the protein scaffold left over from one chromosome (insert) with all the histone stripped out.
15606. Y chromosome
The Y chromosome.
15310. Cell division and DNA, Jim Kent
Jim Kent talks about cell division and DNA.
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