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James Watson and Sydney Brenner (1975)

James Watson (L) and Sydney Brenner (R) at the Asilomar meeting, 1975.
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Asilomar meeting. February 1975. (L to R) Maxine Singer, Norton Zinder, Sydney Brenner, Paul Berg.
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Sydney Brenner talks about his suggestion that the Press switch off their tape recorders at Asilomar.
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Sydney Brenner talks about James Watson's work on RNA.
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RNA is an intermediary between DNA and protein.
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James Watson recollects his feelings about the Asilomar meeting.
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"Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA Molecules" published in Science on June 6, 1975.
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More than 25 years after the historic meeting, James Watson looks back.
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Matt Meselson also had a hand in Sydney Brenner's RNA experiment. He talks about the experiment and how they waited for James Watson's group to finished their RNA work before publishing.
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Sydney Brenner showed that mRNA was the unstable intermediate that carried the message from DNA to the ribosomes.
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Sydney Brenner at a 1980 Cold Spring Harbor meeting.
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