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Linus Pauling (1970s)

Linus Pauling, circa 1970s.
linus pauling,pauling linus,1970s
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16021. Linus Pauling, 1953
In 1952, Linus Pauling proposed a triple-stranded helix structure for DNA.
15512. Linus Pauling's triple DNA helix model, 3D animation with basic narration
Although the chemistry was wrong, Linus Pauling's triple-stranded DNA model was a catalyst for James Watson and Francis Crick to solve the structure of DNA.
15333. Linus Pauling' s manuscript describing incorrect triple helix, Peter Pauling
In 1952, Peter Pauling was a student at Cambridge when his father, Linus, sent him a paper proposing that DNA was a triple helix. James (Jim) Watson eagerly read the paper and realized that Pauling got it wrong.
15700. Matthew Meselson (1958)
The last graduate student Linus Pauling ever had. Unconcerned by reputations, Meselson did what he was interested in. Along with Franklin Stahl, Meselson carried out what many biologists regard as "one of the most beautiful experiments in biology."
15453. Linus Pauling was wrong about the DNA structure, James Watson
James Watson talks about how he and Francis Crick felt about Pauling's helix.
15451. Linus Pauling's incorrect model of the DNA structure, James Watson
James Watson describes the triple helix model proposed by Linus Pauling.
16435. Video 19: James Dewey Watson, clip 4
Linus Pauling's triple-helix model for DNA and the reaction to this incorrect model.
10813. "Paul Herold, giant,"
"Paul Herold, giant,"
16466. Biography 20: Matthew Stanley Meselson (1930- )
Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl invented the technique of density gradient centrifugation and used this to prove that DNA is replicated semi-conservatively.
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Hospital at the Viriginia Colony where Carrie Buck was sterilized.
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