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dna fingerprints
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15583. DNA fingerprint (single locus probe)
DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting.
15582. DNA fingerprint
DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting, gel analysis
15985. The first DNA fingerprint
How a DNA fingerprint like this was made.
15981. DNA variations
A DNA fingerprint is a profile of a person's inherited DNA variations, specifically repeated sequences
15982. The first DNA fingerprint
In 1984, Alec Jeffreys produced the first DNA fingerprint. DNA-based testing methods have evolved over the years, but they still use DNA repeats as the basis for building a DNA profile.
15983. Today's DNA profile
DNA fingerprints are also known as DNA profiles. They are now made using probes that detect differences in the number of short tandem repeats (STRs) between individuals.
15987. Single-locus fingerprinting
A laboratory that specializes in DNA fingerprint testing extracted DNA from a semen sample, E(vs), retrieved from Perry's body, and blood samples from Reesh, S1, and Jones, S2. The lab used a cocktail of single-locus probes to produce the DNA fingerprint
15106. Naming "DNA fingerprinting"
Alec Jeffreys talks about how he came up with the name.
16994. New York Stories: DNA Fingerprinting - Detecting the Alu polymorphism in human DNA
New York high school students perform the Alu polymorphism lab then interview Prof. Larry Kobilinsky at John Jay College of Criminal Justice about DNA fingerprinting.
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