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ID 16008

Barbara McClintock, 1931

Some DNA can jump.
barbara mcclintock
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16677. Gallery 32: Barbara McClintock, 1983.
Barbara McClintock at the Nobel ceremonies, 1983.
16669. Gallery 32: Barbara McClintock, 1923
Barbara McClintock as a Cornell coed, 1923.
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Barbara McClintock at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 1951
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Barbara McClintock working in the cornfield at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
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Barbara McClintock on a collection trip to Chapingo, Mexico in 1959.
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Barbara McClintock at the opening of the McClintock building at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
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Barbara McClintock as a graduate student at Cornell, 1929. (L-R standing) Charles Burnham, Marcus Rhoades, Rollins Emerson, and Barbara McClintock. George Beadle is kneeling by the dog.
16672. Gallery 32: Barbara McClintock and Harriet Creighton, 1956
Barbara McClintock and Harriet Creighton at a meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
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Barbara McClintock teaching a 1981 plant genetics course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
16691. Gallery 33: Barbara McClintock and Jacques Monod, 1946
Barbara McClintock (L) and Jacques Monod (R) at a Cold Spring Harbor meeting, 1946.
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