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Thomas Robert Cech and Sidney Altman, 1989

RNA was the first genetic molecule.
sidney altman,thomas robert,cech
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16585. Biography 26: Thomas Robert Cech (1947 - )
Thomas Cech and Sidney Altman discovered that RNA can have enzymatic activities. For this discovery, they shared the 1989 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
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Stanley Miller and Harold Urey demonstrate that organic molecules can be synthesized under prebiotic conditions, and Thomas Cech and Sidney Altman show that RNA can have enzymatic activities.
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Thomas Cech became president of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute on January 1, 2000.
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RNA was the first genetic molecule.
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Sidney Altmann, 1989.
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Thomas Cech talks about finding catalytic RNA or ribozymes.
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Sidney Altmann with one of his graduate students, 1990.
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Doctor Thomas Insel points out that while the human genome project is largely complete, the real challenge lies in figuring out the function of each gene.
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Thomas Sargent, 1983.
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Development balances cell growth and death.
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