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Gregor Mendel's Experimental Results

Gregor Mendel's Experimental Results
Mendel's notes on some of his pea plant results in his handwriting.
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16172. Gallery 3: Gregor Mendel Manuscript, 1865
First page of Mendel's paper (German), Experiments in Plant Hybridization, in his handwriting, 1865.
16002. Gregor Mendel and pea plants
Children resemble their parents.
16174. Gallery 3: Gregor Mendel 's Experimental Leaf Specimen
A leaf from Gregor Mendel taped to a card.
16151. Biography 1: Gregor Mendel (1822-1884)
Father of Genetics
16177. Gallery 3: Gregor Mendel 's Microscope
Mendel's microscope.
16170. Genes don't blend.
DNAFTB Animation 3: Gregor Mendel explains that breeding short and tall pea plants didn't produce a medium-sized plant.
16152. Children resemble their parents
DNAFTB Problem 1: Test your knowledge of Mendel's techniques.
16180. Genes don't blend.
DNAFTB Problem 3:Breed pea plants to observe flower color.
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DNAFTB Animation 4: Gregor Mendel explains the rules of inheritance.
16161. Gallery 2: Colored Pea Flower
The colored flower of a pea plant.
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