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ID 16185

Gregor Mendel centennial medal, back

Gregor Mendel centennial medal, back
Commemorative medal issued for Mendel's centennial
gregor mendel, centennial, medal
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16184. Gallery 4: Gregor Mendel centennial medal, front
Commemorative medal issued for Mendel's centennial
10942. Gregor Mendel's garden
Gregor Mendel's garden
16177. Gallery 3: Gregor Mendel 's Microscope
Mendel's microscope.
16002. Gregor Mendel and pea plants
Children resemble their parents.
16160. Gallery 2: Gregor Mendel's Garden Plot
Mendel's garden plot at the Augustine monastery.
16155. Gallery 2: Gregor Mendel with fellow Monks, 1848
Gregor Mendel with fellow monks, around 1848.
16157. Gallery 2: Gregor Mendel, 1862
Mendel image referred to as the "handsome" Mendel, 1862.
16174. Gallery 3: Gregor Mendel 's Experimental Leaf Specimen
A leaf from Gregor Mendel taped to a card.
16163. Gallery 2: Gregor Mendel, 1880
Mendel as prelate of the Augustinian order, 1880.
16183. Gallery 4: Statue of Gregor Mendel
Statue of Gregor Mendel in the garden at the Mendelianum, the Mendel Museum, in Brno.
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