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William Bateson at Cornell, 1921

William Bateson at Cornell, 1921
William Bateson on a visit to Cornell. Also in photo, A.H. Sturtevant, C. Bridges, and R.A. Emerson, 1921.
william bateson, sturtevant, cornell, bridges, emerson, photo, 1921, gallery 5
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William Bateson (left) with R.A. Emerson, 1922.
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Signed picture of William Bateson, around 1920.
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William Bateson (right) in his garden in Merton, England with Wilhelm Johannsen, 1924.
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Letter in which Bateson coined the term "genetics."
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William Bateson brought Mendel's laws to the attention of English scientists. Bateson and Reginald Punnett co-discovered "coupling," or gene linkage.
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