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Gallery 27: Hermann Muller

Gallery 27:  Hermann Muller
Hermann Muller in his lab in Austin.
Hermann Muller, lab Austin
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16593. Gallery 27: Hermann Muller, ca 1920
Hermann Muller in Austin, circa 1920s.
16590. Gallery 27: Hermann Muller, child portrait
A young Hermann Muller.
16594. Gallery 27: Hermann Muller (1)
Hermann Muller teaching a class at Indiana University.
16595. Gallery 27: Hermann Muller, 1946
Hermann Muller receiving his Nobel Prize from the King of Sweden, 1946.
16596. Gallery 27: Hermann Muller and his staff
Hermann Muller and some of his staff in the Fly room at Indiana University.
15007. Hermann Muller
Hermann Muller showed x-rays could induce gene mutations. Also demonstated that mutations in one gene could alter another gene's expression.
16609. Biography 27: Hermann Muller (1890-1967)
Hermann Muller received the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on mutations induced by X-rays.
16601. Video 27: Elof Carlson, clip 1
Muller's reductionist approach to science.
16606. Video 27: Elof Carlson, clip 6
Muller's views on eugenics.
16602. Video 27: Elof Carlson, clip 2
Muller's construction and use of sex-linked lethals in Drosophila.
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