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Video 36 :Patrick Brown, clip 4

Dr. Patrick Brown is an associate professor of biochemistry at the School of Medicine in Stanford University.
aesthetic pleasure, stanford university, biochemistry, medicine, patrick brown
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Why use DNA arrays?
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Talks about the aesthetic pleasure he gets from doing an experiment.
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The first DNA arrays were made of solid gold.
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The first DNAs used to make the arrays.
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Patrick Brown works with microarrays at Stanford University.
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Pat Brown changed the way genomes can be screened with DNA arrays.
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DNA microarrays provide the means to analyze patterns of gene expression at different timepoints in a living cell.
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Patrick Brown (L) and Stephen Fodor (R).
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Pat Brown talks about developing microarray technology for genome-wide analysis.
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Pat Brown draws an analogy between the genome and a script that tells a cell how to behave.
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