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Gallery 38: Michael Hengartner

Gallery 38: Michael Hengartner
Michael Hengartner, Associate Professor, Watson School of Biological Sciences, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
Michael Hengartner
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16788. Gallery 38: Michael Hengartne, age 3
Michael Hengartner, age three, with toy goat.
16789. Gallery 38: Michael Hengartner, age 18
Michael Hengartner, age 18, in his high school chemistry lab.
16790. Gallery 38: Michael Hengartner, 1999
Michael Hengartner with his kids, Alex and Sophie, 1999.
16794. Video 38: Michael Hengartner, clip 1
How he ended up in Bob Horvitz's lab working on cell death.
16795. Video 38: Michael Hengartner, clip 2
Cloning and characterizing the C. elegans cell death gene.
16796. Video 38: Michael Hengartner, clip 3
Purpose of programmed cell death.
16797. Video 38: Michael Hengartner, clip 4
What happens to those cells that don't die?
16798. Video 38: Michael Hengartner, clip 5
Comparisons between C. elegans and human cell death genes
16799. Video 38: Michael Hengartner, clip 6
Descriptions of how cell death gene products interact.
16808. Biography 38: Michael Otmar Hengartner (966 - )
Mike Hengartnerand Bob Horvitz used C. elegans to work out the mechanism of programmed cell death.
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