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Perceptual processes - illusions (external link)

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2238. Perception
A overview of perception-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
2116. Middle and Inferior Temporal Gyri
The middle and inferior temporal gyri are involved in cognitive processes, including semantic memory, language, visual perception, and sensory integration.
2122. Thalamus
The thalamus is heavily involved in relaying information between different brain structures. It contributes to attention, awareness, perception, attention, timing, and movement.
2113. Occipital Lobe
The occipital cortex is the primary visual area of the brain. It has different groups of neurons that separately encode color, orientation, and motion information.
1136. Encoding and Retrieval
Professor Howard Eichenbaum explains that encoding and retrieving memories are distinct neurobiological processes.
2246. Culture and perception
A new study of East Asians and Westerners suggests that culture can shape the way some people see the world — literally.
2241. The major senses - Dana review
The major senses detect and discriminate among signals from the environment. Signals carry information that supports our vital functions, such as taste and smell in eating.
1190. Neurons and Perception
Professor Earl Miller discusses the hypothesis that an entire network of neurons are required to perceptually identify a single object.
1192. Prefrontal Cortex and Recognition
Professor Earl Miller describes research that shows objects are recognized using higher brain regions, specifically the prefrontal cortex.
2234. Dyslexia
Dyslexia is a brain disorder that primarily affects a person’s ability to read and write. In fact, the word’s Greek roots simply mean "language problems."
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