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Balance and coordination - review

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2092. Basal Ganglia
The basal ganglia comprise a group of structures that regulate the initiation of movements, balance, eye movements, and posture.
2248. Decision making and planning - review
One of the great unsolved mysteries of science is how the human brain can support the complex, coordinated, and intelligent behavior of which we are capable.
2101. Premotor Cortex
The premotor cortex is involved in preparing and executing limb movements and coordinates with other regions to select appropriate movements.
2244. Navigation review: cerebellum and vestibular system
Navigation is made possible by a series of complex calculations performed by specialized cells deep in the cerebellum, which receives information from the vestibular system.
2241. The major senses - Dana review
The major senses detect and discriminate among signals from the environment. Signals carry information that supports our vital functions, such as taste and smell in eating.
2236. Aphasia and other language disorders - Dana review
The term aphasia refers to the disruption of a person’s ability to communicate with language. Read about aphasia and other language disorders in this Dana review article.
2235. Speech and Language — Dana Review
Language being a complex function, there are many ways a person can develop a problem speaking, so it is useful to break down the process. By language, we refer to the way we use symbols, spoken or written, to communicate.
2224. ADHD
An overview of ADHD-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
1291. Schizophrenia - A Review
A review of the causes, symptoms, and treatments of schizophrenia.
16919. A Personal Story of the Progression of SMA in a Toddler
Esther and Frank describe their daughter’s progression since diagnosis.
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