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Hearing and hearing problems — review

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2241. The major senses - Dana review
The major senses detect and discriminate among signals from the environment. Signals carry information that supports our vital functions, such as taste and smell in eating.
828. The Brain and Sleep
Researchers are using neuroimaging to look at what happens in the whole brain during sleep.
2238. Perception
A overview of perception-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
2244. Navigation review: cerebellum and vestibular system
Navigation is made possible by a series of complex calculations performed by specialized cells deep in the cerebellum, which receives information from the vestibular system.
2243. Taste, gustatory gatekeeper - review
We spend much of our lives eating, view our sense of taste primarily as a source of pleasure—and perhaps a lamentable temptation to excess. Taste is also a vigilant gatekeeper of the body, evolved to reject what is harmful.
2239. Language
An overview of language-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
1076. Autism - Sensory Overload
Portia Iversen explains that autistic individuals may be overwhelmed by sensory stimuli, finding it difficult to attend to sounds and sights at the same time.
1017. Pathways, Overview
The 3-D animations in this Pathway to Cancer section focuses on a single pathway that regulates growth and protein production.
820. Positive and Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia
Professor David Lewis explains that the symptoms of schizophrenia are typically defined as either positive or negative.
2121. Superior Temporal Gyrus
The superior temporal gyrus contain is responsible for processing sounds. It includes Wernicke's area, which is the major area involved in the comprehension of language.
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