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Decision making and planning - review

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2251. Thinking
An overview of thinking-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
1143. Prefrontal Cortex - Executive Functions
Professor Trevor Robbins explains that the prefrontal cortex is involved in executive functions such as planning and decision-making.
1129. Frontal Lobe
The frontal lobe is part of the cerebral cortex and is the largest of the brain's structures. It is the main site of so–called 'higher' cognitive functions.
2233. Attention
An overview of attention-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
2250. Intelligence - review
Intelligence refers to individual differences in cognitive abilities, such as the capacity to reason, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to understand new material, and to learn.
1162. Frontal Lobes and Schizophrenia
Professor Daniel Weinberger explains that the frontal lobes, which are involved in planning and reasoning, may be disrupted in schizophrenia.
2230. Attentional processing - review
The ability to prioritize mental tasks, to focus on them, and to shift the focus to other tasks as the need arises is critical to the success of every human activity.
837. Addiction as Overlearning
The idea that drug addiction is a result of 'learning gone wild' was bolstered by several reports.
2224. ADHD
An overview of ADHD-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
2226. Schizophrenia
An overview of schizophrenia-related content on Genes to Cognition Online.
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