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Stroke Prevention and Treatment

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2236. Aphasia and other language disorders - Dana review
The term aphasia refers to the disruption of a person’s ability to communicate with language. Read about aphasia and other language disorders in this Dana review article.
2235. Speech and Language — Dana Review
Language being a complex function, there are many ways a person can develop a problem speaking, so it is useful to break down the process. By language, we refer to the way we use symbols, spoken or written, to communicate.
891. Neuroprotection - Protecting the Brain
Developing a safe and effective therapy to protect the brain after a stroke, a process known as neuroprotection, represents a major unsolved challenge for researchers.
834. Glutamate Damage and Stroke
Glutamate, one of the most abundant chemical messengers can inflict massive damage if it is accidentally spilled into brain tissue in large amounts.
2036. Lifestyle factors and Alzheimer's disease prevention
Professor Kenneth Kosik discusses lifestyle factors that will delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease. These include diet, exercise, controlling hypertension, and not smoking.
2207. Blood-brain barrier
Professor Bruce McEwen describes the blood-brain barrier, which prevents most proteins from accessing the brain. Selective proteins can cross the barrier, instigating processes such as neurogenesis.
801. Environment and Alzheimer's Disease
Researchers shed new light on how diet, exercise, red wine consumption, and stress may lower or raise disease risk.
830. Blood-Brain Interactions
Unlike any other organ, the brain depends on continuous blood flow. If the circulation to a portion of the brain is interrupted, that area will quickly lose its ability to function.
886. Background to Chronic Pain
It is estimated that more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. What is it and how is it treated?
848. Exercise-induced Neurogenesis
Evidence in humans that a structured exercise training program increases neurogenesis.
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