DNA Subway

Fast Track to Gene Annotation and Genome Analysis


As a member of the NSF-funded iPlant Collaborative, the DNALC has developed DNA Subway, a bioinformatics workspace that makes high-level genome analysis broadly available to students and educators.

Built to complement other iPlant discovery environments under development, DNA Subway captures the essence of iPlant's goal: to develop computer (cyber) infrastructure that provides plant researchers and educators access to the large-scale datasets and high-powered informatics tools that drive modern biology.

"Riding" different lines in the DNA Subway, users can predict and annotate genes in up to 100,000 base pairs of DNA (Red Line), and prospect entire plant genomes for specific genes (Yellow Line). Additional lines are being developed to analyze next-generation sequencing transcriptome data, and to construct and work with phylogenetic trees.

Check the Educator Training page for faculty training workshops on DNA Subway and other genome analysis tools.

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