The Greenomes site is part of a laboratory- and Internet-based curriculum to bring college students up to the minute with modern plant research. Plant molecular genetic and genomic research still lags behind medically-oriented research on microbes and higher animals. As a result, there are relatively few lab experiences that expose college-level students to the growing insights into plants offered by genomic biology.

So, with National Science Foundation funding, we developed a set of laboratories illustrating key concepts of gene analysis in plants, including the relationship between phenotype and molecular genotype, genetic modification of plants and detection of transgenes in foods, and linkage and bioinformatics methods for gene mapping. Key to the project are lab and bioinformatics exercises that will give students the unique opportunity to work with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory researcher David Jackson in determining the cellular analysis of Arabidopsis genes of unknown function. The Greenomes site was created to support the laboratories with online protocols, custom analysis tools, shared databases, and collaborative bulletin boards.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
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