We stand at the threshold of a new century with the whole human genome stretched out before us.

The mission of the DNA Learning Center is to prepare students and families to thrive in the gene age. We envision a day when all elementary students are exposed to principles of genetics and disease risk; when all high school students have the opportunity to do hands-on experiments with DNA; and when all families have access to genetic information they need to make informed health care choices.

Approved by the DNALC Advisory Committee December 5, 2003.

Introducing Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's DNA Learning Center

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Introducing the DNA Learning Center

POSTED October 27, 2014

The DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is the world's first science center devoted entirely to genetics education and is an operating unit of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, an important center for molecular genetics research. The Dolan DNALC, DNALC West, and Harlem DNA Lab extend the Laboratory's traditional research and postgraduate education mission to the college, precollege, and public levels.

Class field trips include hands-on laboratory experiments, interactive computer experiences, the museum exhibition "The Genes We Share," and multimedia presentations in the auditorium.

Student summer day camps are week-long genetic workshops for students from middle school through high school.

Teacher Training Workshops and Fellowships for secondary and college faculty are held at DNALC sites and at host institutions throughout the country.

School District Membership Programs for local school districts provide benefits such as: preferred workshop placement, discounted field trips, and invitations to scientific lectures.

Saturday DNA! classes make use of DNALC resources to provide fun learning experiences for the public.

Our family of educational Internet sites are accessed world-wide and cover broad topics, including basic heredity, genetic disorders, eugenics, the discovery of the structure of DNA, DNA sequencing, cancer, and plant genetics. We have also extended the reach of two of our Internet sites by making content available on off-line media (CD-ROM or DVD).

DNA Science, A First Course, 2nd Edition was published in 2002 and combines highly illustrated, narrative text with easy-to-use thoroughly reliable laboratory protocols appropriate for high school and college classes.

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