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We offer up-to-date teacher training through biology workshops and development for teachers in genetics and biotechnology. With funding from the National Science Foundation we offer these free workshops to high school and college educators, especially those in the areas of genetics, biology, genomics, and bioinformatics.

For High School & College Educators Barcode Long Island Educator Workshop
CyVerse Workshops

Check back frequently; additional workshops are listed as they are scheduled.

... for High School Teachers

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Barcode Long Island
Educator Workshop

(Note: next educator workshops will be held in summer 2018)

In Barcode Long Island, funded by the National Institutes of Health, student research teams use DNA barcoding to explore the unique biodiversity and ecology of Long Island.

First, science teachers attend training at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Stony Brook University, or Brookhaven National Lab. Then, trained teachers assemble student research teams in grades 9 to 12 and submit an original research proposal using our proposal submission guideline. Teams with accepted proposals will receive supplies, equipment, and scientific support needed to conduct experiments. Program data will contribute to a distributed effort to generate a "big picture" of Long Island's many ecosystems and diverse living things. Results will be shared at an annual symposium.

During the workshop, educators are introduced to sample collection and DNA barcoding wet-lab and bioinformatics infrastructure. Teachers who complete this workshop are invited to organize student teams and propose projects. Accepted projects will be presented at a spring symposium.

Learn more about DNA barcoding and how the DNALC has implemented student-centered research in New York City through the Urban Barcode Project and on Long Island through the Barcode Long Island project.

... for College Educators, Postdocs, and Students

CyVerse Workshops

CyVerse (http://www.cyverse.org, formerly the iPlant Collaborative) develops computational infrastructure to provide researchers and educators access to the large datasets and informatics tools that drive modern biology.

Genomics Data Carpentry

This free, two-day workshop will be a complete introduction to the tools and practices a biologist needs to work effectively with data. Along the way, we will introduce how to analyze and visualize data in R and work with bioinformatics tools at the command line. While the focus of these lessons is genomics, biologists working with any tabular data (i.e. spreadsheets) will benefit. No prior knowledge of R or the UNIX/LINUX command line is assumed or required.

Tools and Services for RNA-Seq and Other Big Data Biology Applications

Tools and services workshops cover the major platforms of the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure including the Data Store, Discovery Environment (web-based bioinformatics workbench), and Atmosphere (cloud computing). Workshop topics build progressively along a “path” most researchers will need to take from data upload through to analysis and publication.

There are no CyVerse workshops scheduled at this time.

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