NEW! Genome Science: A Practical and Conceptual Introduction to Molecular Genetic Analysis in Eukaryotes

The latest text and lab manual from the DNALC that includes well-tested experiments on key concepts of genome biology.

DNA Interactive DVD

The DNA Interactive DVD has more than 200 video clips and animations for approximately four hours of viewing. Order yours today!

DNA from the Beginning CD-ROM set

You've used it online, now own it yourself!

DNA Science: A First Course 2nd Edition

This is the second edition of the highly successful textbook (over 50,000 copies sold) in which a highly illustrated, narrative text is combined with easy-to-use thoroughly reliable laboratory protocols. It contains a fully up-to-date collection of 12 rigorously tested and reliable lab experiments in molecular biology, developed at the internationally renowned Dolan DNA Learning Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which culminate in the construction and cloning of a recombinant DNA molecule.

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