Ötzi the Iceman Field Trips

We now offer stand-alone, guided tours and packages that include a tour with additional hands-on, Ötzi-inspired labs. These multidisciplinary activities are appropriate for a variety of classes, including: social studies, anthropology, biology, life science, and forensics.

Guided Tour

Grades 5 and above (1 hour)

Hear Ötzi’s story and find out what we have learned about Neolithic times by studying his body, clothing, and equipment. Explore adjacent exhibits on human evolution, including the first-ever Neanderthal skeleton reproduction.

Pollen Tells a Story

Grades 5 and above (1 hour)

Analysis of the contents of Ötzi’s intestinal tract revealed background pollen that was used to place his whereabouts over the last 36 hours of his life. Using compound microscopes, combine pollen identification with digestive timing to deduce where he appears to have been prior to his untimely demise.

DNA Extraction from Wheat Germ:

Grades 5 and above (1 hour)

DNA evidence has confirmed the presence of wheat in Ötzi’s digestive tract. Use a simple procedure to isolate DNA from wheat germ and learn more about the development of agriculture and domestication of wheat during the Neolithic Period.

Human Family Tree

Grades 9 and above (3 hours)
Grades 5–8 (2 hours)

Tour the Ötzi the Iceman and ancient human replicas in our museum, then go to the lab and explore the fossil record to investigate the evolutionary relationships among early human ancestors. Using skull casts, examine a series of traits to determine whether each is phenotypically archaic or modern. Phylogenetic trees are built using compiled class results.

Reservation Details

For reservation information and guidelines for a middle school (grades 5–8) tour package, visit Middle School Field Trips.

For reservation information and guidelines for a high school (grades 9 and above) tour package, visit High School Field Trips.

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