The DNALC's multi-disciplinary staff has experience in elementary, secondary, and collegiate instruction; biochemistry and molecular biological research; computer programming; design, photography, fine arts, and interior design; science journalism; public relations and development; and opinion research.

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Alison Cucco

High School Educator

As a child, I spent all my free time exploring the outdoors in my small New Jersey town. No stone was left unturned and I became a voracious reader, learning everything I could about science and the world around me. By the age of 10, I was a self-proclaimed animal rights activist who could very passionately explain the need of protecting tropical rainforests and endangered species.

I continued to explore science throughout my middle and high school career; though as a teen I lost some of the passion I had felt for it as a child. After high school, I spent a year traveling throughout Europe and teaching English in South and Central America. During that time, I became increasingly interested in understanding the consequences of anthropogenic impacts on native ecosystems and I felt that old passion reignite. This interest remained in the forefront of my mind as I began research at Fordham University. As both an undergraduate and graduate student I investigated the effects of urbanization on ecosystem functioning and plant productivity in New York City.

After graduating with a Masters in Biology, I began teaching at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. When I wasn't teaching various biology courses at SFC, I made my way back to Central America to work with a Guatemalan-based sustainable agriculture and food security NGO and worked as an environmental specialist at a premier global engineering and design firm. Through these experiences I became increasingly aware of my desire to be, and the importance of being, a science educator. When I became aware of an opening in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center, I immediately recognized how this unique opportunity was a perfect fit for me. I am thrilled to be a part of the amazing team of educators engaging the scientists, advocates, and great thinkers of our future!

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