The DNALC's multi-disciplinary staff has experience in elementary, secondary, and collegiate instruction; biochemistry and molecular biological research; computer programming; design, photography, fine arts, and interior design; science journalism; public relations and development; and opinion research.

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Michael Paul

Middle School Educator

The first memory I have of the DNA Learning Center occurred when I was approximately seven years old. The towering double helix, located in the museum, had sparked my interest. I remember being fascinated by the invisible forces holding the strand of DNA in the seemingly unstable structure. From this point on I had been focused on inter and intra molecular interactions.

This has prompted me to study physical chemistry at Bowdoin College. In one of my physical chemistry courses we focused on biological systems and how thermodynamics affect the functions of certain aspects of biological systems. In my opinion, this was an extraordinarily interesting area of study. However, I realized that if I was going to continue studying the thermodynamics of biological systems, I would need to learn a lot more about specific aspects of biology.

The opportunity to work as a research technician in the DNA Learning Center offered the perfect chance for me to increase my biological knowledge. I am also excited to get to know the wonderful teachers who work at the DNA Learning Center.

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